Rain and flooding delays pothole repairs across Central Ohio

    Potholes caused headaches for many including a large one along East Weber and Dresden near Clintonville Tuesday Feb. 12, 2019. (WSYX/WTTE)

    Heavy rains and light flooding across Central Ohio are giving drivers more headaches than usual, as pothole repairs are stunted or delayed due to the soaking weather pattern.

    Crews in Columbus were unable to repair many potholes Tuesday due to prolonged rain and pockets of flooding, and holes that were patched quickly opened up again on city streets. One intersection with more than a dozen potholes, at East 5th Avenue and Joyce Avenue, is being repaired two or three times a day during this rainy spell according to the Department of Public Service.

    "We're out there all over. We've got crews out every place but it's the same situation, the water is just blowing them out," said DPS operations coordinator Rodney Sparks.

    The City of Columbus put out signs and orange cones at some spots to warn drivers of the danger, including alongside a large one at East Weber Road near Dresden Street.

    Potholes caused headaches for many including a large one along East Weber and Dresden near Clintonville Tuesday Feb. 12, 2019. (WSYX/WTTE)

    If you spot a pothole within city limits, it can be reported by calling the "311" hotline at (614) 645-3111. Fifteen operators take calls between 7:00am and 6:00pm each day.

    "We certainly want people to call in to 311 so we can get that information," said service manager Carmen Duckens. "We can't repair what we don't know about."

    While the majority of pothole repairs did not happen Tuesday, investigators still checked on the 311 service requests and made repairs to "high priority" spots that posed safety risks. Many other potholes will be added to a list to repair when the weather dries out later in the week.

    "We want to take advantage of that dry weather," said DPS spokesman Michael Liggett on Tuesday. "As those 311 requests come in and they get investigated, they're compiled together based on their location."

    Like Columbus, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) said highway pothole repairs would not be happening Tuesday. ODOT instead said its focus is on clearing potential snow in the evening.

    Details about how to report potholes to ODOT can be found here.

    Car damage from a pothole? How to file a claim with Ohio and Columbus

    Potholes can lead to car damage and potentially hundred of dollars in repair bills. The Ohio Department of Transportation and the city of Columbus have a process to file a claim. Remember, ODOT maintains interstates, U. S. Routes and State Routes that are outside municipalities, including Columbus.

    Viewers can share pothole photos with ABC 6/FOX 28 on Chime In here.

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