Reports: Hospital issues alert about woman who may try to take a baby

(Courtesy: Cleveland Clinic Police via FOX 8)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- Cleveland police have issued an alert about a woman who may try to snatch a baby as part of a possible scam, multiple news outlets reported.

According to FOX 8, an alert poster was placed at Fairview Hospital after the Cleveland Police Department notified Cleveland Clinic police about a woman -- Dawn Marie Brown -- at the center of a criminal investigation who's trying to raise money and more after claims she has cancer and is pregnant. FOX 8 said the woman is a police officer's wife.

On the poster, police said she's scouted the hospital's birthing center and is most likely familiar with the area and procedures used.

Police told FOX 8 they're doing an internal investigation and a criminal investigation since this involves an officer’s family.

No charges have reportedly been filed.

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