Revamped county program hopes to help lower the eviction rate

A revamped county program called PRC for Prevention Retention Contingency will offer a one-time helping hand. (WSYX/WTTE)

It wasn't too long ago that Franklin County's eviction rate almost challenged New York City's rate.

According to Franklin County officials, 19,000 or more evictions were recorded between 2011 and 2014.

But now that's changing, thanks to a revamped county program that offers a one-time helping hand.

It's called PRC for Prevention Retention Contingency.

Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown said PRC is a program that has helped tenants and landlords.

"It's much less expensive to keep a tenant in a place if they're a good tenant," she said.

"The family that's been evicted has an eviction on their record, and has a harder time renting another apartment,"

Brown went on to say.

"And that's not what we want in this community- this community stands for better than that."

PRC offers a one-time $1500 payment to help people get back on their feet.

Applicants have to meet strict guidelines, like have at least one minor child at home or a pregnant woman, and

be at or below 165% of poverty.

A family of four can't earn more than $3,341 a month.

The assistance can also be used for other emergency situations, such as car repairs or even a bus pass.

Five days a week, from 8a until Noon, Franklin County has a team of experts in the hallway outside Eviction Court, making sure

those who qualify for the assistance apply for it.

Brown said the mission is to keep working families in their homes and off public assistance.

"We've helped dozens of families remain in their homes," said Brown.

For more information visit PRC.

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