Safety questioned after thrill-seekers seen stuck on ride at Ohio State Fair

    (Courtesy: Will Kerr)

    Ride experts say a ride functioned "like it was supposed to" after riders were seen stuck in midair at the Ohio State Fair Wednesday night.

    The "Free Fall" ride, which operator Amusements of America says drops rides 110 feet down a tower, stopped several feet up after a "variance in air pressure" was detected.

    Will Kerr, who caught the incident on video, says he saw the hose blow out underneath the ride.

    "Do not let your kids ride this sh*t," said Kerr as he was filming. "Do not let your kids ride this f*cking ride."

    Shortly after Kerr's comments, riders were let back down slowly. No one was hurt.

    Jim Wells with Amusements of America said the ride functioned properly as designed and stopped. Wells said after riders exited, a new air hose was installed.

    Mark Bruce with the Ohio Department of Agriculture said inspections were performed before the ride was placed back in operation. Inspectors also looked at the ride closely Thursday morning per Bruce.

    Fair officials say more ride inspections this year in wake of Fireball tragedy

    Officials with the Ohio State Fair said there will be more inspections this year to the rides on the midway to ensure safety of fair patrons. That comes in the wake of last year"s tragedy when the Fireball ride malfunctioned and fell apart, killing a teen

    Fair organizers say safety remains a top priority following last year's tragedy when a 17-year-old was killed after a ride fell apart.

    ABC 6/FOX 28 will continue to follow how the fair is working to keep thrill-seekers safe during the Ohio State Fair.

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