Love of blogging, beers and board games turns into a career

She loves blogging, beers and board games... and she turned it into a career

Cheryl Harrison started blogging in 2007. Six years later, her words were so popular, she was able to quit her job and start her own PR company, speechbubble.

"I was terrified when I quit my job," she told ABC6/FOX28 from her home in Northwest Columbus.

It all started with her blog, It paved the way for what's become one of the most popular blogs in Central Ohio,

"For me, it was just kind of a way to share what I was finding with craft beer," she said. "We have almost 40 breweries in Central Ohio, so there's no shortage of local content."

That website is now in its sixth year of "booze news," and is considered one of the top twenty beer blogs in the world, she said.

"We are getting about 25,000 people a month on the site," she said.

Additionally, Cheryl is also one of the founders of the Columbus Ale Trail, a guide to local breweries. Volume Three is due in May.

Cheryl is consistently voted one of the top local bloggers by the readers of 614 Magazine.

She also, inadvertently, found some of her best friends online. With a simple tweet, Cheryl created the club, Beers and Board Games.

"I started to collect a little too many [board] games, and I didn't have anyone to play with," Cheryl said. "So, I sent out a tweet and said, 'Meet me at this bar, and we can play board games.' Six people showed up. Now, we have 100 people every week showing up for events."

The club also raises money for charity. Last year, they donated $6,500 to Nationwide Children's Hospital, she said.

"I had no idea it was going to have such a big impact on my life."

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