South Columbus woman on a mission to save her neighborhood one cat at a time

Every day, Faye Arrington gets her supplies together and takes off to feed the neighborhood cats. Some are strays or abandoned. Others are feral. All roaming the streets of her south Columbus neighborhood. (WSYX/WTTE)

Cold weather is bad news for the huge number of stray cats on the streets of Columbus, with many of them without regular food or shelter.

It is hard to miss the animals roaming the streets, so one south Columbus woman decided to do something about it.

"This is Blue," said Faye Arrington about one of the cats she cares for. "I've been taking care of him for, oh, eleven years."

Every day, Arrington gets her supplies together and takes off to feed the neighborhood cats. Some cats are strays or abandoned and others are feral, all roaming the streets of her neighborhood: Ganther's Place.

"They get put out and they are allowed to leave their cats and just let them die or something. It is not right," she said.

The focus isn't just food. Over the years, the retired preschool teacher said she has managed to get something like 50 cats spayed and neutered.

"My main concern is that people are allowed to abandon these cats and these cats don't have any rights and it is not fair," said Arrington.

She has had help from animal clinics and from friends like Laura Dehlendorf. The animal lovers have been working together for more than five years, finding homes for the animals and paying vet bills.

"We have saved a lot, but some we couldn't save and I have cried a lot and so has Laura," said Arrington.

But, she said she will keep fighting for these animals.

"I want the world to do something about it, you understand?" she said.

Just don't call her a "cat lady."

"Everybody calls me Aunt Faye, but don't call me the cat lady because I like dogs, squirrels and all that too," said Arrington.

The team follows the trap, neuter, and release steps laid out by veterinarians. Arrington and Dehlendorf work with groups like Rascal Animal Hospital and Shelter Outreach Services.

To help, they encourage anyone to donate to a local shelter, or get active in your own neighborhood. If you would like to make a donation of cat food or a cat house, you can send an email.

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