Star House helps fight back against youth homelessness

Star House helps fight back against youth homelessness

Star House serves the needs of youths between the ages of 14 to 24, but the need continues to grow.

In 2013 Star House served 531 individuals. This year, Star House will help more than 1000 kids.

Lamar Peoples is an example of the young adults who have been helped.

"I've slept in vans, behind churches, I've slept in McDonalds' before, so one day I just searched where to you go when you're homeless," Peoples said.

That was about 5 years ago. When he couldn't afford a place to live.

"I had a job that was minimum wage, I couldn't afford an apartment. I didn't have money management skills, there were a lot of factors that contributed to me not being able to afford housing, " he said.

Peoples said Star House gave him the opportunity to get back on his feet.

The program provides food, clothing, educational and medical needs... and so much more.

"Star House is a 24/7 drop-in center for youth ages 14 to 24 who are experiencing homelessness. They have been displaced for a range of different reasons, " said Ann Bischoff CEO of Star House.

With access to crucial resources Peoples said he was able to turn his life around.

Now he's the Director of Outreach and Partnerships at Star House.

He's helping other youths through his experience.

"Star House created and provided me with the foundation that I needed at that critical time, " he said.

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