State launches investigation into trailer park water bills

State launches investigation into trailer park water bills

The Ohio Department of Commerce has launched an investigation into a Madison County Trailer Park after ABC 6 On Your Side exposed sky-high water bills there.

Residents of Green Meadows Trailer Park told us they were drowning after seeing their water bills soar to hundreds - even thousands- of dollars for a single month.

One person's monthly water bill jumped from 50-bucks to almost *18-hundred dollars.

ABC6 reached out to Joe Maskovyak, the affordable and fair housing coordinator for COHHIO, or

the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing Coordinator in Ohio.

The group is dedicated to promoting decent, fair and affordable housing for all.

We showed him some of the water bills.

"What is the likelihood.. The possibility..that someone could actually use 140 times more water in one month than was true in months previous," said Maskovyak.

The park's water comes from a well on the property, and the park owners bill for it, along with the rent every month.

Last month a spokeswoman for park owner Jim Moore, of Moore Enterprises out of Irving, Texas confirmed to us

an "employee hadn't been reading the water meters correctly."

She said "the park will be fair, look at every issue and are working hard to get it resolved", but she didn't give a timeline, or say what residents needed to do.

"And if they say it was a mistake," said Maskovyak, "I think they have to do more than just to say we made a mistake. Oops."

Maskovyak said in an email that "we (COHHIO) understand that they are currently awaiting the results of the trailer parks' internal audit. Our hope is that management will do what is so obviously the right thing now that they know regulators are looking over their shoulder."

COHHIO said this could actually be the first test of the State Commerce Department's regulatory oversight of mobile home parks.

Legislation that took effect this year eliminated the Manufactured Home Commission, and transferred its regulatory obligations to the Commerce Department.


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