Street corner billboards new addition to campaign


The presidential election has gotten catty on one downtown Columbus street corner.

The pro-choice group has paid for four electronic billboards to be on display through Halloween that targets Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump's controversial comments about women and his anti-abortion views.

"It's pretty ridiculous, not going to lie," said one man who checked out the political ads

"Doesn't really matter if you read it, if that makes you not vote for Trump that's your choice," he said.

One Billboard reads "Dump Trump into your litter box" another one says "Dear Trump don't grab my......which is then followed by a picture of a kitty's face. That's in reference to comments made in a video more than a decade ago, which was leaked last week, where Trump referred to grabbing a woman's body part.

"I think it's a clever way to address a serious situation," said voter Katie McDevitt.

Some people are even stopping by the corner or Spring and Third, to snap photos of the anti-Trump campaign.

Amanda Patton, creator of, who created the four print ads, said they were meant to bring attention to abortion and reproductive rights, which could be in jeopardy if Trump wins.

She says since the ads started appearing, only 2 of the 60 comments she has received have been negative.

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