Students rally at statehouse to promote mental health wellness and drug-free lifestyles

4-19 NOON Student statehouse rally

Thousands of high school and middle school students from across Ohio rallied at the statehouse Thursday.

The students came together to celebrate healthy lifestyles and declare they are drug-free as part of the “We are the Majority Rally.”

This was the 7th annual rally organized by the non-profit group "Prevention Action Alliance."

The group says this year was the biggest rally they've had on record. More than 2,100 students from all cross Ohio participated.

“We just want to prove in some sort of way that yeah a lot of the media shows a lot of the violence and a lot of problems but there's a lot of better things out there,” said 9th grader Sean McLoughlin. “A lot of us are drug-free, a lot of us are alcohol-free, and a lot of us are violence-free."

Other students said they were happy to see the passion at the event.

“I’m feeling great,” said Ra’Naja Mayefort, a Hayes Metropolitan student. “I'm great to see that many people basically share the same values that I share."

The march started at Genoa Park and ended at the Ohio Statehouse.

The students’ message was clear, “Prevent drug use and promote mental health wellness.”

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