Suspected holiday thief busted with a dozen packages

A suspected package thief was caught with a dozen packages after a neighbor called police (WSYX/WTTE)

Columbus police said they're going undercover to try to catch holiday package thieves in the act. At the moment, they're not revealing details of their tactics. However, a neighbor in Merion Village this week helped catch another suspected thief who police say had a dozen stolen packages in her car.

The neighbor called 911 Tuesday when he said he spotted suspect Sarah Kisner steal a package off a porch at the corner of E. Gates St. and City Park Ave. Police circled the neighborhood, stopped Kisner, and say they discovered the packages and a loaded handgun on the seat of her car.

Police said Kisner does not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

While Kisner faced a judge Thursday for the gun charge, The Archive Art Gallery in Merion Village is offering its store as a safe place for neighbors' deliveries.

"If we can get it to a point where things are being sent to a secure location, then it's going to shut down these folks who are out stealing," said gallery operator Sarah Karlsberger.

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