Teacher claims she killed her boyfriend in self defense, no indictment from grand jury


A Columbus City Schools teacher was not indicted by a grand jury after she says she killed her boyfriend in self defense.

Shanara Culbreath, 28, who was initially charged with the murder of 41-year-old Vincente Mills, is now free after the April situation. Police said Culbreath stabbed Mills after a loud, violent argument in north Columbus.

Culbreath's attorney said a 911 call made by a neighbor helped establish that she acted in self-defense. He also said she took multiple polygraph tests.

Culbreath was a teacher at Woodward Park Elementary, but she has since been reassigned out of the classroom. She said she is now working to get back into teaching students.

"She has to restore her position, she has to work to get back to her normal life," said attorney Jason Sarver.

"She's loved in the Columbus Public Schools. Children throughout the community have inquired about her," said Jeffrey Key, pastor.

Culbreath was seen with supporters Thursday, but she didn't speak.

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