The ants are marching back into Central Ohio

Weather right now may not be bugging you, but some six-legged pests might be. (WSYX/WTTE)

Weather right now may not be bugging you, but some six-legged pests might be.

With warm temperatures and spring rains, they've come crawling back. "The ants can drive you crazy," says Ray Reed of Reed’s Pest Control.

They’re seeking out sources of sugar and protein to march back to their home. "They're following the pheromone trail from the colony to the food source," adds Reed.

Reed says ants get inside through cracks and crevices outside your house. "Once they get into the hollow spot of this cinder block it's fair game to get into any spot in the house that they want to go." He says get them sealed with caulking or clear silicon to keep them out.

Plants provide another path to windows and doors- so keep them trimmed back. Bags of mulch waiting to be spread in the garden, and other sources of damp wood are great snacks for carpenter ants. Reed says they can be as damaging as termites. "Any type of dark, moist places will draw unwanted guests."

Tips for Outside your Home:

  • Use peppermint oil around baseboards and window sills to repel ants
  • Stuff any open holes outside with steel wool soap pads
  • You can try store-bought liquid or gel traps, but be careful. Reed says if you don't get the right kind you can end up attracting more ants

Tips for the Inside of your Home:

  • Keep counter tops cleaned with Windex or bleach
  • Run the dishwasher once a week with hot water to rinse food particles away
  • Keep crumbs, sugar, and coffee grinds cleaned up at all times.
  • Clean up spilled soap. Proteins and plant cellulose in the soap can attract ants

If you end up with ants inside your home, Reed says you should call a professional before the problem gets out of hand.

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