Cases of thieves entering homes through windows on the rise

With thieves entering homes by forcing open windows, police are encouraging taking more safety measures. (WSYX/WTTE)

This is the time of year that people like to leave their windows open because the weather can be perfect.

But it can also be the perfect opportunity for thieves too.

Right now, Hilliard Police Investigators are looking for two men who broke into a Hilliard home. On home surveillance video, you can see one of crooks take off a window screen and then easily open the window because it wasn't locked.

"You're entire house is only as secure as the least secured part of it," says Hilliard Police officer Ron Burkitt.

Burkitt says people leave their windows unlocked all too often this time of year. But there are things you can to to keep the thieves out.

"There are devices you can buy at home improvement stores that can be placed in the windows," Burkitt said.

The window locks are easy to use. They are clamped on the slide track of a window so that when a thief opens the window, it will only open up so far.

Burkitt says you should make your home as uninviting to crooks as you can. Don't give them any opportunities, because they will take it.

"So, when they come to a window that they can't open, that's going to throw a rock in their plans, and they may go somewhere else," Burkitt said.

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