Thieves hit Delaware antique stores, lifting thousands in gold, silver

(Courtesy: Delaware Police)

A couple of brazen thieves hit two Delaware antique stores, picking off more than $6,000 in gold jewelry and sterling silver pieces. Store surveillance cameras caught them on tape and now Delaware Police need your help in finding them.

The thefts happened late last month, but police released the photos this week in an effort to identify the bandits. The thieves hit Sandusky Street Antiques and the Delaware Antique Mall. Connie Noble has a booth at one of the stores and sells vintage jewelry. She said the pair knew exactly what they were looking for.

"They took the good stuff," Noble said. Photos show a man and a woman. Noble said the man picked the locks on the cabinets, while the woman pointed to which piece he should take.

At Sandusky Street Antiques, Janet Sinks said the pair was even more brazen, using a long object to reach up and change the direction the surveillance camera was facing.

"The guy turned the camera so the guy wouldn't be shown on the video as they were taking the stuff," she said.

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