Thieves steal cash from registers during holiday weekend

Businesses in Columbus were burglarized over the holiday weekend. Thieves stole cash from registers.(WSYX/WTTE)

Crooks in Columbus spent their holiday weekend busting into businesses to steal cash filled registers.

"Being a small business, our assets are very, very, important, every penny counts," said MJ Hernandez, General Manager at Bonifacio Modern Filipino, which was burglarized by thieves early Friday morning, just hours after employees celebrated Thanksgiving.

"It's very disappointing," said Hernandez, after crooks ran off with a cash register filled with money.

Across the street from the restaurant, crews are sizing up a smashed window and door, after thieves tried to break into Gentile's Wine Sellers around the same time Bonifacio hit , but the bad guys left empty handed, unable to break through smash resistant glass.

"It's frustrating, you know," said Josh Davis with Gentile's Wine Sellers, "I am glad we had the expensive glass."

Less than 24-hours later, a third store, Royal Fish and Chicken on East Fifth Avenue also burglarized by thieves who broke in and stole a register filled with cash.

Columbus Police now investigating all three cases to see if they are connected.

The businesses now taking steps to keep thieves away, by beefing up security systems and safety measures

"I don't think I can fully control this from happening again," said Hernandez, "but I can try."

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