Toddler dies from injuries after fire set by her brother

    Anna Marshall-Miller, the two-year-old who died in an accidental fire in the Linden area (Credit: Marshall family)

    A two-year-old pulled from a house fire last Thursday has died from her injuries. Firefighters said in a release Tuesday that the little girl died Friday evening.

    Anna Marshall-Miller is the fifth fire death in the last five months that was blamed on a child playing with fire, according to the Columbus Fire Department. Investigators say her older brother admitted to lighting paper on fire while on his bed in the same bedroom of the Minnesota Avenue home in the Linden area.

    Three children were able to get out of their Linden area home safely, but the two-year-old was trapped in the room. One of the kids alerted their great uncle who was babysitting, but firefighters say by that time, the smoke and heat were too intense to get upstairs.

    "Ran right inside the house and walked up the stairs. I touched the door and it was too hot and the smoke was so bad I had to walk back downstairs," neighbor Sarah Mansbridge told ABC 6/FOX 28.

    The fire department says this is the third fatal fire so far in 2016 that was started by a juvenile. In January, two adults died after a fire in their Franklinton home started by a kid playing with fireworks. Just a few days after that fire, firefighters say two children were killed in a fire at their home started when one of the kids lit paper on fire on his bed.

    The Fire Department is urging families to talk with kids about the dangers of fire, and have a fire safety plan. They also offer a program to work with kids who have a strong curiosity with fire. You can find more information on that here.

    They also stress the importance of having working smoke detectors in homes, and will install a free smoke alarm for anyone who needs one. You can call 614-724-0935 for an appointment.

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