United Way promoting leadership skills to boost Linden area

United Way Linden

Drive through the Linden area and what you may notice is a blighted area with buildings boarded up and litter along the streets.

But that's not how Delena Scales see her community.

"I understand that's how and what people see, " Scales said. "But what I see is a community full of potential."

United Way's Neighborhood Leadership Academy aimed at helping the Linden area (WSYX/WTTE)

She graduated from the United Way's Neighborhood Leadership Academy, and she's brought the program to the Linden area to help teach those who live there how to build a better community.

"It's about cultivating and identifying those leaders to say if litter's an issue in our community, let's start a litter league, " Scales said. "If we need more business in the area, let's partner with the Greater Linden Business Network to make sure that's happening."

Currently, 13 people are taking part in the program right now. Scales says they all have different ideas to help the community grow and shine a positive light on the area.

"They have different passions," she said. "One wants to focus on helping single moms. One wants to work on providing quality housing, and there are others that want to work with foster kids."

For more information about the United Way and its programs, visit their website.

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