Vet searched and subpoenaed in massive dog fighting investigation

Health Pets of Westgate office (WSYX/WTTE)

Another dog recovered in a massive dog fighting investigation came from a west side veterinarian, according to new court records obtained by ABC 6/FOX 28.

While police and agents with the Capital Area Humane Society and ASPCA searched five home on the west and east sides of the city and seized 45 dogs in the process, agents with the USDA searched Healthy Pets of Westgate on West Broad Street Tuesday.

Agents wrote in the warrant they would look for "vials of semen collected from dogs treated" and belonging to suspects Henry Hill, Randall Frye, Anthony McGuffie and Dwayne Robinson, who were all charged with felony dog fighting Wednesday.

Detectives know "that professional dog fighters will take their dogs to professionals to have semen collected for sale."

At Healthy Pets, agents said they discovered a four-year-old pit bull terrier known as "Escobar."

The veterinarian at the clinic told agents Hill dropped off Escobar Monday and said the dog's owner, who has not been charged, had to leave town.

Agents noted Escobar had "old scarring over its face, shoulders and forelimbs."

They also said professional dog fighters will take their dogs to a vet to treat their injuries, but be billed under "no injury codes."

Healthy Pets of Westgate would like to make it clear that it is not targeted in the investigation and complied with the requests to keep the dog until agents could obtain a court order to seize it.

In a prior story, ABC-6 indicated there was police tape on the animal hospital's roof. Healthy Pets of Westgate tells ABC 6/FOX 28 that the police tape on its roof was caution tape from a nearby parking lot where a light pole had fallen and the wind blew the tape onto its roof.

Three of the four men charged have already posted their $40,000 bonds.

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