Watch live: The return of Osprey tower cam


They're back!!!

For at least the third consecutive year, the Ospreys have returned to the tower high above the ABC 6/FOX 28 studios this week!

(Editor's Note: Due to streaming limitations, this stream may be interrupted from time to time with breaking news or special event coverage. We will make sure to return the live stream of the Ospreys as soon as we can.)

(If you're having issues seeing the video, you can try this direct link)

Last year, the Ospreys returned high above the ABC 6/FOX 28 studios in the last week of March, after months of an empty nest. The couple laid three eggs, all of which hatched. Sadly, in late June one of the chicks died. Experts with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources say it was likely something natural, possibly a genetic defect. They say that there is a 70% chance that one in three Osprey chicks will die.

The other two chicks grew quickly and eventually left the final week of July.

In 2016, an Osprey couple set up the nest on the tower, laying and hatching eggs. Sadly, the baby Osprey died a few weeks after hatching. While we will never know what killed them, experts with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said it appeared there was another Osprey that began hanging around the nest one afternoon, spooking mom & dad, and the babies were left unattended for a while.

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