Water & wind could lead to leaky basement

The tiniest bit of ice can create the biggest problems. For the second morning in a row, the commute was slow because of slick roads. Now, incoming rain could lead to problems inside your house.

Columbus resident, Robert Giehl gave a tour of his basement while it was being waterproofed. A crew had to do repairs on the inside and outside after he discovered water had seeped into his walls and floor. He smelled mildew and knew there was a problem.

Scott Seneff of EverDry Waterproofing says water in the basement is more common in the winter than you might think. The ground is expanding and we are also seeing a triple threat this week of melting snow, power outages and rain.

Scott says you need to attack the water from the outside and inside.

"You should have a sump pump with a back up battery system attached to it, that you can get a few hours up to a day or two in case you lose power."

Scott says head outside to make sure your grading is not getting an "F."

"Make sure you don't have any dips, slopes towards the house to make sure the water is getting away on the outside."

EverDry finished up Robert's basement Wednesday and it was good timing with more rain on the way. Not including the showers on the way Wednesday night and Thursday, Columbus is already .20" above average in precipitation for the month of January so far.

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