West Columbus father's home cleared out by burglars, including 5 puppies

West Columbus father's home cleared out by criminals, calls it big problem for neighbors

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- A west Columbus homeowner said he has been fed up with what he calls burglars causing problems in the area.

In early June, a criminal -- or criminals -- cleared out Shane Sprigg's west side home, stealing televisions, tablets and much more. The single dad said his life can pretty much be boiled down to three things.

"Work, kids, and dogs," said Spriggs.

He said he has been burglarized before in the almost ten years he has owned his home. This time, he came home on his lunch break to find his front door open, which Spriggs said was immediately suspicious.

"When I walked in the front door, they had my coffee tables and actually these chairs stacked up along the wall, where they you can see the dents in the wall, and the scrapes where they stood on them (and) took the TV off the wall," said Spriggs.

He found more destruction.

"They had all my kitchen cabinets opened," he said. "There was stuff taken out of the cabinets. I just proceeded to walk through the house and check ...check on my dogs. So, I ran to the bedroom where the dogs are and sure enough they were gone."

Five American Bully puppies that he has been nursing and planning to sell, along with their papers had all been taken.

He said a bedroom window was pried open.

There are now nails on the wall that used to hold Ohio State memorabilia signed by football player Braxton Miller.

After filing a police report, Spriggs installed multiple cameras and a new alarm system.

"It's sickening. I work very hard for what I have just being a single father and I work all the time," he said.

He grew up in west Columbus, but has big worries now for his four kids.

"When I was younger, you can leave your bike in your front yard, you can be gone all day long and not have a problem," he said. "I won't let my kids in my backyard, privacy fenced-in unless I am out there with them."

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