Westerville man invents crimefighting tool that uses fire safety techniques

Westerville man invents crimefighting tool that uses fire safety techniques

A Westerville man has created a canister that looks like a fire extinguisher and can warn hundreds of first responders within seconds of a violent attack.

"It kind of gets things under control, until police get there," says Sam Fasone, as he described the "Threat Extinguisher," a non-lethal defense system that can notify police when a shooter targets public places, including schools or churches.

The general home contractor got the idea for the crime fighting tool while watching reports of a deadly planned parenthood shooting in Colorado last year.

"[I'm] just tired of the school shootings and the public shootings when people have no way to defend themselves," said Fasone.

Fasone says when the device, which looks similar to a fire extinguisher is removed from it's case, it sends a loud alarm throughout the area along with instantly sending texts and e-mails up to 1,000 people warning them about the violence.

"It can pinpoint the exact point or location where the problem is," said Fasone. "When someone pulls out the can it can send a signal where the box is."

The equipment can also shoot pepper spray at an assailant within 30 feet. Fasone says he decided on the look of a fire extinguisher because they are universally recognized as safety prevention and can be easily installed.

Fasone is already working on a version that can be used in the home sometime next year.

The Westerville company says it will offer fundraising help to schools and churches that cannot afford the startup costs, which includes a $49 monthly subscription fee.

The first units are scheduled to be installed inside a Florida church early next year.

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