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What new 'Stay Safe Ohio' order means for you, protesters gather outside Statehouse

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on May 1, 2020. (WSYX/WTTE)
Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on May 1, 2020. (WSYX/WTTE)
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Ohio has entered a new phase.

The stay-at-home order is no longer active and the "Stay Safe Ohio" order is in place as businesses re-open and more.

The idea is to give businesses and Ohioans safe guidelines as we enter this new phase.

"We are Ohioans, we may disagree. We've got a pathway, let's keep going," said Gov. Mike DeWine.

Now, hospitals, dentists and veterinarians can get back to fuller operations.

"People will have the opportunity to catch up on some things from the medical point of view that have been postponed," he said.

Then Monday, there will be more changes as offices, industry and construction can re-open.

As for restaurants and salons, teams are working on a re-opening plan.

"Having that public confidence is absolutely essential for businesses to be able to come back and make it. And so the how of how we roll this out is so very, very important," she said.

While DeWine was announcing the Stay Safe Ohio order, protestors filled part of the Statehouse lawn.

There were many chants to re-open Ohio completely.

ABC6/FOX28 saw signs railing against vaccines and claiming the government was infringing on rights, some people carrying guns or driving by honking.

At one point protestors attempted to open a Statehouse window.

It's in an area where they can't be opened widely enough to get inside, according to State Highway Patrol.

ABC6/FOX28 was that told troopers moved protestors from the area and there were no other incidents, including arrests or violence.

"I understand that there are some of you out there who think we are not moving near fast enough, that some of you out there think just the opposite, 'he's going much too fast.' We are trying to get it right," he said.

DeWine says for him this is not a popularity contest, defending Dr. Amy Acton against critics.

"I'm the responsible person. The buck stops with me," said Governor DeWine.

Another message from state leaders: face coverings, social distancing and more efforts are still very important as Ohio enters this new phase.

The governor said don't focus on the expiration date of this order, May 29. There will likely be additional guidance in May.

On Monday, we expect to here more about COVID-19 testing in Ohio.

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