Will eclipse impact solar power?

When the solar eclipse hits August 21, there will be a brief interruption in solar power services. (WSYX/WTTE)

The solar panels outside of Consolidated Electric Cooperative in Delaware are using the power of the sun to create energy.

But during the solar eclipse on August 21st, day will turn into night taking away that key ingredient for solar power.

"It's essentially the same as a cloud passing over." said Patrick Higgins from Ohio's Electric Cooperatives. He says there will be a mini-blackout for solar panels but don't expect a power outage.

"The eclipse will last a few minutes the generation will stop for those few minutes but it won't have that significant or lasting or even visible affect," Higgins said.

Ohio's Electric Cooperatives has 6,300 installed solar panels across Ohio. They generate about two megawatts of power.

Anyone on solar is likely connected to a back up.

"Consumers are still connected to the grid which means that if there's solar power is interrupted even slightly, there's back up there," Higgins said.

Bottom line, you will have to worry more about protecting your eyes from the eclipse rather than prepare for sitting in the dark.

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