With vote on Columbus schools delayed, new board member warns about parents losing trust


    One of the newest Columbus City Schools board members said more parents are threatening to leave the district in an emotional meeting Wednesday night.

    The school board discussed the possible relocation of Columbus Alternative High School, Dominion Middle School, and North International High School. Parents have been voicing their concerns about the poor building conditions at their children's schools and overcrowding. Students at Columbus Alternative High School have complained about feeling unsafe and the building being too small for high schoolers.

    Parents and students at Columbus Alternative High School have complained about conditions, and board members are discussing possibly moving the school (WSYX/WTTE)

    The school board has delayed a vote about the schools since November 7th. New board member James Ragland says it's a vulnerable time for the district.

    "We've got new board members that are coming on board right now, we've got a new Superintendent that will be joining us here in March - from my feedback from the public, we have an issue where we have to regain their trust," Ragland said.

    Since no notice was given to the public for a possible vote Wednesday night, none could be taken. The board says it plans to take action on these schools within the next few weeks.

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