Woman accused of leaving boyfriend's body in an Ohio motel for days

<p>Woman accused of leaving boyfriend's body in a Sharonville motel for days after a heroin overdose (HCSO){/p}

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A woman is accused of leaving her boyfriend's body in a Sharonville motel room for days after he overdosed on heroin. Kathryn Carmen is charged with abuse of a corpse.

Jacob Tackett was found dead in the Crossland Motel on Chester Road on June 14. Police were called to the room for a foul odor but didn't discover Tackett the first time. Carmen had told them nothing was wrong.

A motel employee called them again Thursday after asking Carmen about the odor and then touching a pile of clothes that the worker saw her throwing on the floor. The worker felt something solid under the clothes and called police again. That's when Tackett was found.

Carmen then admitted that on Sunday, June 10, she and Tackett used heroin. Both passed out. When she woke up, she told police Tackett was not breathing. She tried to perform CPR but then she passed out again.

On Monday, she told police that she covered his body with a sheet. She then used the rest of the heroin. She said she then spent one to two nights in some nearby woods, got more heroin and spent another night at a friend's house. She would return to the room to shower and change clothes.

Police said Carmen never told anyone about the death of her boyfriend. By the time he was found, police say the odor of decomposition was overwhelming and could be smelled from the parking lot.

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