Woman pays for soldier's dog adoption fees at Licking County Humane Society

    (Courtesy: Licking County Humane Society)

    There wasn't a dry eye in the house last weekend at Licking County Humane Society, when a woman paid the adoption fees of a solider's new puppy.

    The humane society says they arrived separately at the shelter. Padriac, who serves in the US Army, came to pick up a puppy that he had previously picked out, while Jenny came to meet a few dogs.

    Once Jenny saw Padraic was adopting a puppy, the humane society says she immediately approached a manager and asked to pay for Padraic's adoption fees.

    Employees at the humane society convinced Jenny to meet Padraic in person, so that he could thank her for her kind gesture.

    During their conversation, Padraic called Jenny "his hero," and she called him "her hero."

    Licking County Humane Society also wrote:

    In a world where there is so much anger and negativity, these 2 people who had never met, were brought together by their love of animals and respect for those who serve our country. Best Day Ever!! #weallcried #LCHSpets

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