Woman says debris fell onto her car, doesn't want it to happen to others

Woman says debris fell onto the hood of her car, she doesn't want it to happen to others

The Ohio Department of Transportation is investigating an incident that was reported late last week.

Kaitlyn Brungarth said she was driving along I-270 at I-71 on the south side when something fell onto her car.

"We were talking and, all of a sudden, something just hit the hood of my car. I mean, it came out of nowhere. So we pulled up and we got off onto the side of the road and we checked to see what had happened," said Brungarth.

Brungarth said she believes the debris fell when she was driving under I-71. She said she called the Franklin County Sheriff's office for help.

"They told us this has happened more than one time and told us that he couldn't do anything for me and that they had to call ODOT," said Brungarth.

Brungarth has papers that shows communication she's had with the Ohio Department of Transportation.

According to ODOT, an investigation can take four-to-six months. Brungarth said she would like the process to be quicker, so that what happened to her doesn't happen to anyone else.

ODOT officials said they're investigating the incident. They also said it is routine for law enforcement to contact them if they notice loose concrete or debris on a bridge that could be a hazard to drivers.

ODOT officials said they were not contacted by law enforcement about loose concrete or debris on the bridge.

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