Woman yanked from car and beaten in Merion Village

A woman living in Merion Village said she was thrown to the ground and sliced her arm on the concrete curb when a girl grabbed her. (WSYX/WTTE)

Living for 66 years in the same Merion Village house, Gail Plants cannot remember a single assault or violent crime being reported on her quiet stretch of East Mithoff Street.

On Sunday night, she became the first victim when she came home and parked curbside at 9:00 p.m.

"I turned sideways on my seat to get out, and I looked up and these three girls were there," Gail recalled Monday afternoon. "The one girl asked me how to get to Roosters, and I said they'd have to go back to City Park Avenue — and then she grabbed me."

Before she could react, Gail says she was thrown to the ground and sliced her arm on the concrete curb. With no other way to defend herself, Gail screamed as loud as she could.

"And she didn't like that, so she came over and gave me a few good kicks," Gail remembers. Then the girls snatched the keys to Gail's silver 2016 Ford Escape, and drove off in her car. Gail limped to a neighbor's house, her arm dripping blood and her left hip swollen.

As of Monday evening, Columbus police said her SUV had been recover, but there wasn't any info on arrests or suspects. Neighbors on Gail's street provided ABC 6/FOX 28 with a home surveillance video that purportedly shows the trio of girls walking in the area prior to Gail's encounter.

As for Gail Plants, she will recover physically. She said she spoke publicly so that her neighborhood can recover, and protect themselves.

"I'll make it. I'm tough," she said. "But I worry about everybody else, and I worry about this street getting bad. I don't want it to get bad."

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