Women working to provide essentials

Columbus women are working together to make sure women aren't having to choose between food and needed items. (WSYX/WTTE)

A group of Central Ohio women are on a mission to help other women with something volunteers say so often gets overlooked in our community.

"This was just like a personal thing I felt convicted to do and it has kind of blown up," says Melissa Foster who kicked off the effort.

The need in the community these volunteers are trying to fill is for bras and feminine hygiene products.

This month, the volunteers are trying to gather at least 500 new and used bras and 2,500 feminine hygiene products to help homeless women.

"Unfortunately, talking with a lot of the homeless shelters here in Columbus," says Foster, "this kind of donation, bras and the feminine hygiene products, is just something that they don't receive in mass quantity."

When Diana McCreery heard about the problem so many women are facing, she had to get involved.

"You think of clothing, you think of food, you think of all of those things," she says, "you kind of forget about this whole other aspect women have to face."

Volunteers say they have coordinated with shelters across Columbus, who desperately need supplies like these.

The word is now spreading past Central Ohio.

"The bras come in everyday and the feminine hygiene products, I have new shipments every day from people," says Foster. "We have actually gotten some from different states too to help local Columbus women."

It is an effort they say that is all about dignity.

"We shouldn't have to be worrying about, do we feed our children? Or do we have a bra? Or a tampon?" says Foster, "which is a necessity."

At last check, the group has collected 139 bras and 1,762 feminine hygiene products.

If you want to help, you have through the end of the month. Go to the "Support The Girls - Columbus" Facebook page.

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