Child topples $132K statue, city wants parents to pay for it

Child topples $132K statue, city wants parents to pay for it (KSHB / CNN Newsource)

A couple who say their 5-year-old child accidentally toppled a statue worth $132,000 say an insurance company wants them to pay for it!

Sarah Goodman says she and her family were at a wedding reception at a Kansas Community Center when her son wandered into the main hallway where the statue was placed.

Surveillance video captured the moment when the child appeared to hug the statue, causing it to fall over. When she ran over to help, she was told the sculpture's price tag.

"Maybe this is like 800 or something. No it's a hundred and thirty two thousand dollars. I'm sorry. We're finished here."

City leaders do believe the situation was an accident, but they still think the Goodmans should pay for the damaged statue.

Goodman says her son doesn't deserve all the fault.

"It's in the main walkway-- not a separate room not Plexiglas not protected not held down," she said. "See what the insurance company says and they're going to take it to lawyers. We don't know."

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