Former high school teacher booked for improper relationship with student

The evidence against Ian James Edgeley, 31, allegedly includes tweets and a statement from the student. (Credit: Cedar Park Police)

CEDAR PARK, Texas (KGBT) — A former Vista Ridge High School teacher is out of the Williamson County jail after posting bond of $35,000 after being charged with having an improper relationship with a student. The evidence against Ian James Edgeley, 31, allegedly includes tweets and a statement from the student.

Police say someone close to him tipped them. Cedar Park Police Sgt. Christopher Dailey says, “His wife came forward with information. He told her he was having an affair and then she gathered the information on who it was and proof the affair was going on."


The affidavit says the two met this spring at Vista Ridge which is in the Leander School District. Police were able to get access to the teacher's home computer where they say they found evidence of sexting and nude photographs of the student.

Edgeley taught computer science at Vista Ridge but police worry there may be other victims elsewhere. Sgt. Dailey says, "What we are encouraging is parents of children who were students of Mr. Edgeley either in Round Rock ISD or Leander ISD to talk to their children to see if any of the students had contact in which Mr. Edgeley attempted to or did have and inappropriate relation with."

Before coming to Vista Ridge, Edgeley was a soccer coach at Round Rock High School. Round Rock ISD sent a notice out to parents informing them of his arrest.

Teachers meeting in Austin this week know the charge against Edgeley is not only a second degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison, it's also a career ender. That's why Jerry Bonham, a 33-year veteran of the classroom, avoids personal messages to students altogether. She says, "I would never send a personal message. I would send it to the class. Because if it's good for one student it's good for them all."

If Edgeley is found guilty, the same technology that got him in trouble will be used to protect other students. Stephanie Jacksis with the Association of Texas Professional Educators says, "30-40 Years ago we didn't have the technology we do nowadays to be able to report these cases and track them. So we make sure these teachers who are doing that never get back into the public education system again."

Cedar Park police ask anyone with information to call them at 512-260-4772.

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