Las Vegas shooting survivor stayed with dying man: 'I didn't want him to be alone'

Heather Gooze held Jordan Mcildoon in her arms as he died. (CNN)

Heather Gooze was working as a bartender at the Route 91 concert in Las Vegas when Stephen Paddock opened fire on 22,000 concertgoers Sunday night.

Twenty-five-year-old Jordan McIldoon, of British Columbia, was one of the at least 59 people killed.

Heather Gooze told CNN that she stayed with McIldoon as he died in her arms.

"I was there until about 3:30 in the morning, so for about four hours I was sitting with him. I just didn't want him to be there alone. There was another guy that was by his wife had been shot and killed, the mother of his three kids and he never left her side. And I didn't want Jordan to not have somebody with him," Gooze said.

Jordan was at the concert with his girlfriend, who survived the shooting.

Heather talked to her on the phone from Jordan's side.

Gooze said, "I didn't want him to just be a no-named body. I knew who he was, and now I had an obligation to make sure that everybody knew who he was."

Jordan's girlfriend was not allowed back into the area, following the shooting.

Jordan's parent's said he was a construction mechanic apprentice and was about to start trade school in Canada.

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