Teen arrested after video shows woman being attacked while holding baby

(Courtesy: CNN Newsource/KSLA/Janie McCoy)

BROKEN BOW, OK (WSYX/WTTE) -- A teen girl is facing charges for striking a woman who was holding a baby on her help.

According to KSLA, teen and her mother have gone before a judge for an incident last week that has gone viral on Facebook.

Janie McCoy, the victim who suffered a bruised face and busted lip, told KSLA that she was invited over to a friend's house when she was confronted by three women, accusing her of wanting to fight someone.

"I had no idea what they [were] talking about."

The video, which has more than 6 million views in 24 hours, shows McCoy trying to walk away from the situation.

"She said she didn't care if I had my baby in my hands or not. I tried to get away from the situation and as you can see they struck me anyway," she told KSLA.

Despite getting knocked to the ground, McCoy managed to keep her infant son up and unharmed.

"My intentions were never for it to go as far as it was. Our point was to try to get somebody to help us get something done about it."

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