Unread messages forces woman to re-live the mass shooting after recovering her phone

"I'm not sure if anyone will ever read this text" Un-read messages forcing Woman to re-live the Mass shooting after recovering her phone. 10/13/17 (Gabby Hart | KSNV)

Twelve days after a gunman opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, people who ran for their lives are now able to recover their belongings from the Family Assistance Center at the Las Vegas Convention center.

When gunshots started ringing out, most people dropped their personal belongings along the way.

"You weren't thinking about material things, you just wanted to get out of there," said Griffin Black.

Black and his wife, Renee, were working behind one of the bars at the concert and the moment they realized that there was an active shooter they too dropped everything and ran.

"We had someone run up to the bar yelling that they had been shot, call 911 and then all of a sudden we saw people dropping at our bar," said Renee.

Renee lost all of her cash tips for the night, as well as her driver’s license. But she was able to reclaim her license at the Family Assistance Center.

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Mariah Feriancek was one of the many people who showed up to the center to claim her property. She attended the concert with a group of friends and she lost her cell phone while they were fleeing from the gun-fire.

"We got up to run and I was actually on my phone with somebody and when I stood up to go run again I dropped it," said Feriancek.

She says while she's glad she got her phone back it's now forcing her to re-live the night of the shooting. With the countless selfies, of her and her friends took that night, and a video that she posted to snap chat just minutes before the gunman opened fire.

And on top of that, there were dozens of unread text messages from people worried about her safety.

One message, in particular, was from someone she met that night, asking her if she was okay and then when no response came in the days following he sent another message. Saying in part “I don't know if anyone will ever read this text I'm hoping that she only dropped her phone and that she is really okay.”

Mariah says physically she's fine but she admits it will take time to heal from the mental damage that was done.

"I signed up for free counseling sessions," she said.

Mariah also posted a note to her Instagram account, saying, “I can't un-see what I saw, I can't un-hear the screams or the gunshots which seemed never-ending and I can't un-feel the guilt of running past bodies dead or alive."

The Family Assistance Center has many resources for people affected by the mass shooting, they're signing people up for counseling and they also have therapy dogs on-site.

They'll be open every day until further notice from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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