Cat 'back to normal' after found frozen in the snow

    Fluffy the cat was back to normal health after she was found by her owners frozen in the snow. (Courtesy: Animal Clinic of Kalispell)

    A cat in Montana is feeling much better after she was found buried in snow.

    The Animal Clinic of Kalispell said Tuesday that Fluffy the cat was found frozen and unresponsive by her owners.

    "They happened to be able to be off work early last Thursday and came home to find Fluffy in the snow," said Andrea Dutter, executive director of the clinic. "We speculate that Fluffy had endured some kind of trauma that prevented her from getting to her safe place."

    Dr. Jevon Clark and Dr. China Corum were able to work quickly to get her back to health.

    "Her temperature was very low but after many hours she recovered and is now completely normal," said the clinic. Dutter added as of Thursday morning, her owners said "Fluffy is amazing!"

    The clinic hopes Fluffy's story can help other pet owners be aware of ways to help their indoor and outdoor pets stay safe, and the importance of seeking medical attention right away.

    "We (and Fluffy!) are grateful for Fluffy's owners for acting quickly in a scary situation," said Dutter.

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