Caught on Tape: Ga. teacher calls student 'dumbest girl that I have ever met!'

(WSB-TV/CNN Newsource)

A Georgia high school student is speaking out after she says her teacher insulted her in front of her entire class. Shaniaya Hunter has an eye condition that forces her to miss school from time to time.

Hunter says she was trying to catch-up ahead of a test when the teacher called her "dumb." She recorded the whole tirade, which happened back in December.

Hunter was recording a lesson on a school-issued iPad when she says the teacher said cruel things about her that she'll never forget.

Hunter, a junior at Green County High School, said, "It really hurt me inside because ... (starts crying)."

Christie Lockhart, Hunter's aunt, said, "We all love you, and we know you're smart."

The teen was surrounded by her mom and aunt when WSB-TV in Atlanta spoke with her in Greensboro. Attorney Ben Windham took on the case pro bono after Hunter's mom approached the school district and was unsatisfied with their response.

Windham said, "The man does not need to be teaching young children. It's not a gray area. End of story."

WSB-TV asked Greene County Schools if action was taken to discipline the teacher. Officials replied that federal and state law place substantial limits on what a school district can publicly say.

Lockhart said, "This is about a school system that is failing our children and allowing these acts to go on."

Hunter says the worst part was when the teacher drew attention to her vision problems.

She says she's not the only student that the educator criticizes. She's just the only one coming forward. Hunter says she does not want to have to face her teacher again.

Hunter said, "I don't think it's OK. I don't think he should be here."

Cathy Wright, Hunter's mom, said, "We're gonna fight. We're gonna keep fighting until it's over. It's not over yet."

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