Doctor's remove maggot found in Florida woman's groin

Doctor's removed a maggot from a Florida woman's groin. (CNN Newsource)

Talk about a real Halloween nightmare story.

A 36-year-old Florida woman went to multiple doctors complaining about a hard, itchy bump on her groin.

The woman said it happened after her honeymoon in Belize.

Doctors at Tampa's Memorial Hospital thought the lesion could be cyst or lymph node problem.

A living creature had burrowed itself under the woman's skin.

Doctor removed a human botfly larva from her skin.

The botfly is rare in the U.S. but is common in the tropics.

After the insect was removed, the woman's lesion healed within a week.

One of the doctors involved wrote a report on the incident in the October issue of Journal of Investigative Medicine.

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