'Double Cups' coffee shop faces backlash for bikini-clad baristas

(KPRC via CNN Newsource)

Customers at a new coffee shop in Houston can get their beverages delivered by baristas wearing basically nothing. The idea doesn't sit well with everyone.

One woman, Morticia Valentine, is serving up coffee in a way League City has never seen before.

"I'm just for anything that's different," she said.

After previous experience working at other so-called breastaurants, she's gone from bartender to barista.

"On the West coast, this is a very popular idea," said owner Trevor Lohr.

But it is a first for this area. The fresh new idea causing a firestorm on local League City Facebook groups even before it opened Monday.

"It's just sad that this is the new normal for women/teenage girls to work in. If your coffee, food or product is good, you don't need your employees to wear lingerie/revealing clothes," one woman wrote.
"It's kind of pathetic, the creativity for new businesses have resorted to sexual exploitation just to earn a buck! #bringbackclass," another said.

"I'm definitely not being used, my bills are being paid. That's all that matters right?," Valentine said.

Co-owner Juan Martinez said they're "allowing women to empower themselves."

The bikini baristas are paid $15 an hour. Valentine said she made $70 in tips after just working for a few hours Tuesday.

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