Ohio woman moves to Flint to help with the water crisis

WEYI - JF Ohio woman comes to help Flint

FLINT Mich. - Flint is seeing generosity from all over the country because of the water crisis.

Among those helping out, an Ohio woman who moved to the city because she felt it's the right thing to do.

It's an inspirational story from the front lines of the water distribution.

Maybe it's the warm weather, but people swarmed the Bethel Methodist church for water.

The organizer of this water distribution site says they need volunteers.

One woman is here from suburban Cleveland, Ohio.

Kadira Sahic of Willoughby, Ohio says, "I was a general manager for McDonald's, it was my career I did it for 10 years I loved it. Then when the Flint water crisis started I read about it, and I felt I needed to do something".

Her commitment to this city is one year as an Americorp member with the MSU/Hurley Pediatric Public Health Initiative .

"I quit my job, I left behind my house my friends everything to move up here and help. Why? Because I had to do something," said Sahic.

She's seeing all kinds of people who need water, like Lynn Curtis and her baby Julian.

"I don't want to give my 3 month old water than might have lead in it," said Curtis.

The long lines have become a sign of the times, but so have people like Sahic who just want to help.

"You ever get that feeling you need to do something like you're not settled in your life? That's how I felt and nothing I did made it go away so I'm here and I feel so good doing this.This is everything i wanted to do," said Sahic.

"Keep the faith, keep praying."

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