Perfect match: Reynoldsburg teacher to donate kidney, save student's life

    It was a perfect kidney match, for 10-year old Eva Brown, and Reynoldsburg fourth grade teacher Tanya Thomas. (WSYX/WTTE)

    It was a perfect kidney match, for 10-year old Eva Brown, and Reynoldsburg fourth grade teacher Tanya Thomas.

    Eva's fighting a rare kidney disease. Her mother, Alana Brown can't help but to tear up when she talks to Thomas: "She’s my superhero! This is my angel,” said Alana Brown as she hugged the fourth grade teacher at Slate Ridge Elementary School in Reynoldsburg.

    Mrs. Thomas is donating her kidney to Brown's daughter, Eva.

    "My baby has a chance and she doesn't have to be connected to a machine 10 hours a day,” said Eva’s mom as she wiped away her tears.

    Brown said her daughter was perfectly healthy last year until all of a sudden her kidney started failing.

    "They ran some tests and it came back that she had 4-percent kidney function,” said Brown.

    The family tried to put off a transplant but things were getting worse and fast.

    "I was devastated. I tried to put on a brave face for her but I can't explain what it feels like when you think you're going to lose your child,” the mom stated.

    Brown said no one in their family had the perfect kidney for Eva and when things seemed to hit rock bottom, a friend posted their struggles on Facebook.

    "I read the Facebook post through my colleague,” said Tanya Thomas.

    Brown said she started getting messages from Thomas and had no idea she was a teacher at Eva’s school.

    Even though Thomas is not Eva’s teacher, she still wanted to help. "I just felt that if I’m blessed with this good health we just need to take that step,” said Thomas.

    After a few tests they found out the kidney was a perfect match.

    "We will be transplant sisters and so that's very exciting. She's got a long life ahead of her,” said Thomas.

    "She says mom I'm going to have a teacher's DNA! I'm going to have to be a good teacher someday,” Eva’s mom laughed.

    Eva couldn't talk with us in person but sent us a cell phone video. She wanted everyone to know how special "Mrs. Thomas" is to her.

    "I felt really excited because she's going to save my life and I don't have to be sick anymore. I get to go swimming because I'm not able to go swimming and I think she's a good person," Eva Brown said in the cell phone video. “She’s family!”

    Their surgery is scheduled for May 30th at Nationwide Children's Hospital. If you want to learn more about Eva’s journey or help the family visit here:

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