'Grandma' who waves at kids on school bus everyday get birthday surprise


An older lady in Ohio who makes life brighter for elementary school kids got a birthday surprise that'll warm your heart.

Every day at 3 p.m., Doris Vehar waves hello the students in the school bus that regularly passes her home in Mentor. She's been doing it for the past five years.

"I go out there every day," Vehar said. "I've never missed a day. No matter what the weather is rain or snow, no matter."

What's become a tradition first started when her granddaughter rode the bus. But, the girl goes to a different school now.

Vehar said, "I wasn't sure about her not being there and thought no... but I had such a terrific bus driver. I thought 'If she goes by, I'm just going to go out there again,' and we just got so... we just hit it off."

It's a good thing Vehar didn't stop because the kids say they love seeing her. They even call her 'Grandma.'

Dustin, a student at Fairfax Elementary, "Grandma, she just -- on holidays she gives us candy and stuff, and we say we love her and stuff when we pass her."

On February 23, Vehar turned 88 years old. She really didn't have anything special planned for her big day. But, it appears these kids did.

"I cried. I cried... (crying)... I was so shocked," she said.

Vehar said it was such a nice gesture and that she appreciated everyone being so kind.

"As long as I can walk out there, I'm going out there. I never want to miss it because they look for me and I look for them."

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