ABC 6 On Your Side gets results for a frustrated Delaware homeowner

    A Delaware homeowner has been trying to get someone to fix a retaining wall near his home for almost two years (WSYX/WTTE)<p>{/p}

    A Delaware homeowner has been trying to get something done about a crumbling retaining wall near his home for almost two years.

    After all the frustration, he reached out to ABC 6 On Your Side to see if he could get results.

    Phil Weiker said the wall is not only an eyesore, but pretty dangerous as well. He reached out to ABC 6 last week. ABC 6 got in contact with township trustees and now the issue will be cleaned up soon.

    “I’m just happy that someone’s finally accepted responsibility for this thing. It’s been too long and we’re just lucky no one has gotten hurt,” said Weiker.

    Weiker is now breathing a sigh of relief.

    “Hopefully everyone can get in and get this thing done and repaired in a timely manner,” said Weiker.

    It’s been an ongoing fight for him for nearly two years now. A round and round between the HOA, the township, and the Delaware Golf Club. No one was taking responsibility for a crumbling retaining wall just steps from his home in the Dornoch Estates subdivision. Weiker reached out to ABC 6 On your side for help just last week.

    After ABC6 started looking into the issue, Delaware Township Trustees had the property resurveyed. They found that the wall falls in the right of way. Thus, it’s the townships’ problem to fix. However, the owners of the golf course here may still have to pitch in on repairs. Turns out, the property line is right near this cart path. Township trustees are willing to work something out, but if not they could lose access to the path.

    Weiker is just happy to know this long running problem will be handled.

    “I’ll do as much as I can to get it done,” Weiker.

    The next township meeting is set for June 18th. Trustees are expected to discuss the issue then, as well as go over possible funding options to fix the wall as soon as possible.

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