Neighbors frustrated with City of Columbus lack of trash pick-up

Piles and piles of trash littered Osceola Aveune last month. (WSYX/WTTE) 

Piles and piles of trash littered Osceola Aveune last month. Homeowner Jason Hickman called the city’s 3-1-1- service line to get it cleaned up, but they never came. So he called ABC6 On Your Side and we contacted the city. The following day the trash was gone.

If you have an issue and 311 is not getting back with you, we found out you can call your neighborhood liaison. Last year Mayor Andrew Ginther created a Department of Neighborhoods. The liaison can be an advocate for citizens who can assist homeowners, answer questions or direct them to the proper city department or staff. Director Carla Scott says folks can reach their neighborhood liaison through their community Pride Center. Scott says using the liaison could save folks from going to multiple city departments or coming downtown.

There are seven neighborhood liaisons and five neighborhood Pride Centers in the city. Scott says her ream also travels around Columbus holding mobile Pride centers throughout the year. Last week her team was operating on Columbus’ Westside, educating neighbors about various city services and even serving a free meal.

To find a Pride Center near you, just head to this website.

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