Neighbors want more done as trash piles up for years at Linden home ravaged by fire

A home in the 2300 block of Ontario Street has been boarded up after a fire damaged it more than two years ago and neighbors want something done to fix the problem. (WSYX/WTTE)

It used to be someone's garage, but now boards and trash are tightly crammed into the structure in the 2300 block of Ontario Street in Linden, with piles of tires, a mattress- even a sofa thrown in for good measure.

Aron Bell, who lives down the street, said it's a neighborhood eyesore.

"It's trash," she said. "It's nasty. It's terrible." Bell said it's been this way for more than two years after a fire burned a house that's also on the property.

She said the house has changed little since that day.

"The alley is almost blocked off to the point where we almost can't get through," said Bell. "And it's just full of trash. It's trash.

It just keeps getting worse. People throw their couches out there, tires, whatever is trash to them, and they don't want it in front of their house. It looks like it goes directly in back of this house."

Bell said she felt ignored by the city, so she called ABC6 On Your Side.

"Whatever you can do," she said.

We did some checking and found this house has been on the City of Columbus' radar. The owners have been cited for numerous code violations, and for doing work without getting a permit first. The city told us the property owners now face a deadline to pay years of back taxes.

If they don't, the City of Columbus Land Bank will buy the tax lien. That move allows the Land Bank to hire a law firm to begin the foreclosure process, with the ultimate goal of tearing down the damaged property.

Bell said she looks forward to the eyesore being gone.

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