Bexley residents thankful relief for air-conditioning problems could be on the way


6 On Your Side is getting results for tenants at Bexley apartment complex with no working air conditioning units. Elderly residents at The Bexley House are concerned for their health.

After ABC6 started looking into the problem, management told residents that they will be taking steps to get tenants out of a potentially dangerous situation.

John Pace told ABC6 it is not simply about comfort. He believes that for some of the residents at The Bexley House, the situation is dire.

"Well it's more than frustrating. Many of the residents here are elderly, many of them have health issues. I consider it to be truly a medical life or death situation for many of the residents here," said Pace.

Residents told ABC6 that renting an apartment at the complex does not come cheap. Some tenants pay as much as $1,600 to $1,700 dollars a month for rent. They are frustrated that despite the high rent, repairs have not been made in a timely fashion. At times, they told ABC6 that temperatures have reached the mid 80's inside apartments.

"The other thing is, it's my understanding that there's 14 units on this side of the building without air," said resident Shelly Spatt.

Spatt told ABC6 that she is worried for her 95-year old father and 91-year old mother, Maryann who is receiving home hospice care. Days without air conditioning is having an impact on her health.

"When the temperatures really hot, we're seeing significant changes in her medical condition. Less responsiveness, less awake time, we're having trouble hydrating her," said Spatt.

After ABC6 stepped in, wheels are finally beginning to move. Our crews spotted maintenance teams at the building. Management has promised some tenants that they will have portable air conditioning units brought in until the issue is fixed.

Spatt is thankful that finally it appears that relief could be on the way.

"I can tell you that they were doing nothing for us prior to you getting involved, so we cannot thank you enough," said Spatt.

Residents told ABC6 that in the past they have been scared to speak out about issues at the property. They have feared that when the time came, their lease would not be renewed. At this point however, they told ABC6 that it is worth the risk. Their safety and health, along with that of their neighbors is simply too important not to speak up.

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