Homeowner holds burglar suspect until police arrive to arrest him

A Columbus man said he was walking around the side of his home when he discovered a burglar who'd broken into the house (WSYX/WTTE)

A career criminal is back behind bars after he was wrestled to the ground by a homeowner.

"Went around to the side of the house , and that's when I found the door wide open and somebody yelling don't call the cops," said Chris Daugherty.

Daugherty found the burglar just moments after he busted in to his home. Victor West, 32, is now charged with the break-in.

Daugherty said the confrontation took a violent turn when the two started tussling with each other in the driveway.

"He was reaching back, putting his thumb into my eye, putting as much pressure as he could on my eyeball," said Daugherty.

Daugherty said he confronted the suspected thief as West was filling Daugherty's pick-up truck with valuables from inside the house that included food, televisions, and even dryer sheets. West is no stranger to crime; he has an arrest record that goes back years, and is now in the slammer, facing nearly two new dozen charges.

Daugherty is glad he came home early enough to catch this crook and hold him down until police arrived.

"To know he is locked up is the best feeling," said Daugherty. "I can go to sleep at night knowing the same thing is not happening to someone else."

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