Columbus woman says doctor refused to see her because of service dog

Amanda Fannin said a doctor refused to see her because of her service dog. (WSYX/WTTE)

A local woman claimed she got shut out of an appointment because of her service animal.

Amanda Fannin had a doctor’s appointment with a local specialist and brought Marilyn, her service dog, with her. Fannin was surprised as to what happened when the physician walked into the room.

“The doctor opened the door, Marilyn alerted there’s a door open because there’s a stranger and the doctor immediately started yelling. She wasn’t going to see me, called me names and stated I wasn’t blind,” Fannin said.

Fannin ended up being seen by a nurse practioner who Fannin said apologized for the doctor’s actions.

“At first I was hurt, then I was embarrassed but finally I was just angry,” Fannin said.

She filed a complaint with the Department of Justice and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. The Department of Justice says even businesses that have a no pet policy must allow service dogs in their facilities. Derek Mortland from the Center for Disability Empowerment says only dogs and miniature horse can be service animals and the dog does not need any special certification or even have to wear a vest.

Mortland said, “You can ask is that dog here because it’s a service animal or related to a disability and then you can ask what task can the dog be trained to perform so you can’t ask about the person’s disability. “

ABC6 tried several times to contact the doctor, but no one answered the phone. If you would like more information on the rules of service animals, here’s the link to the Department of Justice.

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