Couple get 4+ years in prison for theft in dealings as Delaware Co. cemetery owners

(Courtesy: Delaware County Jail)

DELAWARE, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- Former Fairview Memorial Park owners were sentenced today for selling, but never providing, goods to multiple victims including items such as grave markers, caskets, and vaults.

Ted Martin, 54, was sentenced to five years in prison. His wife, 47-year-old Myndi Martin, was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison.

Both pleaded guilty to the crimes in October: Ted 14 counts of theft beyond the scope of consent, Myndi 15 counts.

“The Martins took advantage of people when they were especially vulnerable,” said Delaware County Prosecutor Carol O’Brien. “Their actions compounded the hurt and difficult emotions families have to process when a loved one is lost.”

They were initially indicted in February 2017 after multiple victims reported they paid for services at Fairview Memorial Park, but had not received anything for their money. At that time there were 54 charges and 44 victims.

As the investigation continued and more victims came to light, the couple was reindicted in June 2017. The second indictment included 80 charges and 67 victims.

Restitution was ordered in the amount of $183,261.40.

Ted Martin had been previously accused of gambling away more than $1 million cemetery funds as well as bailing himself out with burial funds.

Fairview Memorial Park in Lewis Center remains under the care of A.C. Strip. As receiver, he oversees the care and maintenance of the cemetery as well as takes any calls of concern or question from the community. He can be reached at (614) 228-6345.

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